What is data culture?

For us, data culture refers to the collective behaviours and mindset of an organisation geared towards adopting data and information in their tactical and strategic decisions. 

A 2019's Forrester study reported that data-driven companies are 58% more likely to generate positive business results than those who are not data-focused. That's why modern enterprises aspire to embed data culture across their organisation. 

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But what are the practical steps to cultivate behaviours for data culture?

It's all great and good to hear when we talk about data culture, but have you ever asked these questions? 
  • How do you measure the success of data culture embedment?
  • How does data quality play a part in all this?
  • What KPIs or OKRs you can put in place to measure the success or failure of data culture?
  • And most importantly, what will happen if we don't have a set plan for data culture?

Listen to this interview with Ranjan Bakshi (CEO, Prospecta) to learn how industry leaders apply practical steps and behaviours to embed data culture including measuring its adoption.



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