5 Steps to Build a Holistic Data Governance Strategy That Ensures Master Data Quality

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Master Data Management without Data Governance is a recipe for disaster. Companies need to have a holistically-defined Data Governance that stipulates the processes, policies, and standards on the use of data. This webinar will explore the challenges, questions you need to ask both the business and IT to establish the data governance framework, as well as the guiding principles.


View this webinar on-demand for insights into building a data governance strategy including how to:

  • Avoid having incorrect, outdated master data in core processes like Digital Supply Chain that can have devastating consequences on processes such as inventory fulfillment, manufacturing operational planning and logistics planning
  • Automate and streamline your master data processes.
  • Ensure data quality across integral master data areas like suppliers, spares, assets, and products, spanning across industries.
  • Discover new ways to empower business functions to take ownership, unify and consolidate data from different sources.
  • Convince top management of the importance of having a Master Data Management system.
  • Overcome the challenges and understand the critical steps related to establishing a solid data governance strategy.

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